Grandpa Alva Russell Ashby

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This is my Grandpa Alva Russell Ashby with his dog Sampson sitting on the steps of his home in rural Hindsboro ILL.Sampson was his best friend! Grandpa is the son of Grover Douglas & Lillie Mae Fasig Ashby.Grandpa is 4th out of 6 children.

Name: Alva Russell Ashby - 1

Birth Date: 21 May 1921

Death Date: 19 May 1996
Death Place: Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital Mattoon ILL.

Burial Place: Greasy Point Cemetery Hindsboro ILL.

Occupation: retired farmhand
Religion: member of the North Union Baptist Church Charleston ILL.

Father: Grover Douglas Ashby - 7 (1888-1968)
Mother: Lillie Mae Fasig - 8 (1892-1953)

Spouse: Ruby Maxine McNamer - 2
Children: Sandra Lee - 3
 Douglas Everett - 4

Grandpa was a retired farmhand.
He was also a Private in the US Army in W W II.
Grandpa died of a heart attack very peacefully with  his son and my Uncle Doug Ashby & Angie(Winnett)Ashby & Grandma Ashby(Ruby Maxine(McNamer)Ashby by his side,my mom Sandy (Ashby)Winnett came later,shortly after his passing.He had a bout with Sugar Diabetes most of his life an had lost his left leg due to lack of circulation.Grandpa had also under went a 5 bypass on his heart earlier before he lost his leg.Grandpa& Grandma lived in a little country home  north of Charleston about 30 miles and about 3 miles south of the Douglas County Line.It was a farm house owned by one of the farmers he worked for.They rented it for several years until they both were unable to get around and they picked up an moved to Cougill Manor in Charleston ILL.Which was a killer for my Grandpa it was his wish to die in the home where he lived for so long,but it was best for them so they could be close for us to check in on them.
The best thing i remember about my Grandpa  is that he loved to garden. He always had a big garden until he got to sick to mess with it.Grandpa loved reading Zane Gray books,so when Mom worked at the libray she would pick some up for him.He loved old country music.
He would let me mow the yard so i would have money on friday to spend when we went to town.3 dollars was alot to a young man in those days it was worth workin for. When Grandpa was a smoker he would often fall asleep an leave the ash hanging from his mouth about a half inch long,then he   would wake up an put the ash in his pocket an go to bed.He was a great man and alot of fun!
         this was told by Jeffrey Shane Winnett (grandson of Alva Russell Ashby)

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