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Whats to know!

Whats to know,I live in a small town where everybody knows yer business.  I do Genealogy most of the time.Camp when i can afford to,Fish when i get time.I live a pretty exciting life! Oh Yeah I almost forgot the most important thing i do Pay Bills,Pay Taxes and wait to Die to let the Gov't get the rest!!!! LOL

Husband: Clifford Sylvester Winnett (ref #3843)

Born: 29 Mar 1938 in: Cumberland Co.ILL.Toledo ILL.

Burial: in: Salisbury Cemetery Hutton Twp ILL.

Died: 18 Nov 1984 in: Carle Foundation Hospital Urbana ILL.

Occupation: in: worked construction under Sauble & Huckaba Inc.

Religion: in: member of Salisbury Church Hutton ILL.

Marriage: 21 Dec 1968 in: Charleston Coles Co. ILL.

Father: Berlin George Winnett

Mother: Alice Day

Other Spouses: Wanda Darlene Kirkley

Wife: Sandra Lee Henry (ref #3754)

Born: 05 Nov 1947 in: Charleston Hospital Charleston ILL.

Education: in: graduate of Oakland High School Oakland ILL.

Religion: in: member of Salisbury Church Hutton ILL.

Father: Alva Russell Ashby

Mother: Ruby Maxine McNamer


1 Name: Jeffrey Shane Winnett (ref #14)

Born: 17 Apr 1970 in: Charleston Memorial Hospital

Christening: 1980 in: Salisbury Church, Hutton ILL.

Education: in: 1988 graduate of Charleston High half yr at College

Religion: in: member of Salisbury Church Hutton ILL

Married: 29 Mar 1990 in: Salisbury Church Hutton IL.

Spouse: Shelly Deanne Thomas

Married: 06 Jun 1998 in: Salisbury Church Hutton ILL.

Spouse: Teresa LeeAnn Stuart


2 Name: Tracy Maxine Winnett (ref #357)

Born: 11 Nov 1972 in: Charleston Memorial Hospital

Burial: 24 Nov 1999 in: Salisbury Cemetary Hutton ILL.

Died: 22 Nov 1999 in: Kankakee Hospital Dwight ILL.

Record Change: 16 Jun 2006


3 Name: Shawna Rae Winnett (ref #766)

Born: 18 May 1977 in: Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital Mattoon ILL.

Record Change: 16 Jun 2006

Religion: in: Member of The Crossover Church in Mattoon ILL.

Married: 16 Dec 1995 in: Salisbury Church Hutton ILL.

Spouse: Joshua Ray Ridgely


Who are my Ancestors

The Winnett family comes from William  & Sarah "Sally" Strange Winnett. William came from Liverpool England in the early 1800's an started an settled in Fallowfield Twp located in Pennsylvania. As the family grew they moved over to Guernesy Co. Ohio and settled there until the late 1800's early 1900's then Nathan Winnett son of John & Mary "Polly Reves Winnett left Guernesy Co. an came to Illinois.Nathan was married twice his 2nd wife Sarah Elizabeth McMechan Kline Winnett had a son Nathan Sylvester Winnett with his wife Effie Cleo Carr came to Cumberland Co. ILL.

My Contact Information

In the following pages i hope to give you some idea about who my family is an where they came from.